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The fuel filter you removed is GM part number 22937279. There is also a filter that goes under a more recent part number 23456595. The 22937279 filter has the six tabs around the bottom as shown in your photo. 23456595 has a solid ring instead of those tabs. No idea why the change or what difference it makes. I installed the newer part when i did my fuel filter change, and that is when I noticed the difference. There is a thread about it at:

I think the question many others, in addition to myself, will be curious about is: Where did you get an aftermarket filter for the Cruze Diesel? Any info you can provide regarding cost, source, part numbers, etc. would be helpful, since as far as I am aware, the rest of us have only been aware of the availability of the 2 OEM filters.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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