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I brought in my car for service with check engine light on P11d7, p20e4,p20e2, p0191. Car has a recall for the first code. The rest they are charging $145 diagnostic fee. they said that p20e4 and p20e2 are EGT sensor #2, however they would not diagnose p0191 until I get the EGT sensor replaced. Is that proper procedure or can I demand diagnosis of each code? I had p0191 a wile back and they replaced fuel rail (~$400 part under warranty). now they are holding me "hostage" to replace EGT#2 sensor for $400 (~50 dollar part easily accessed, I can do this myself) until they will diagnose P0191.

I want to try to see if IGT is covered under warranty and posted in diesel thread.
And I want them to diagnose and hopefully fix P0191 under warranty

So far I told them not to replace the EGT#2

Is this dealer right in their diagnostic procedure for doing this one code at a time?
What can my course of action be?

Car has 37500 miles, 2014

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