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Diesel emblems

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Like most on here I think the diesel Cruze needs more attention called to the fact that it has a special power source. I have seen the Holden diesel Cruze emblems mentioned here but I just can't bring myself to spend that much money on them with shipping. I did some searching on ebay and found these;
Turbodiesel Turbo Diesel 3D Chrome Car Badge Decal Emblem Trunk Side Logo Insign | eBay

The price is right and the font is similar to the "Cruze" emblem and it's all in capitols. It is all individual letters. It might be a bit too long to use the entire "turbo diesel" emblem, but one could just use the T and the D to make TD and it would look similar to the LTZ and other sub-model emblems used on the Cruze. One could also just use the "diesel" part. I have one ordered and I'll see what it looks like when it comes. I'm thinking I should have ordered two. I think one would look good on the engine cover too. I was really disapointed that it doesn't even let you know for sure it is a diesel. I think GM's marketing is really asleep at the wheel on this diesel thing. I guess they are playing the cards close to the vest in case it flops (which I don't think it will).
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I wonder if you can just buy the Chevrolet font letters individually ?

Just my impression, the full TURBODIESEL emblem is a bit wide. But I guess if you want to be seen, that is the whole point :th_salute:
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