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Diesel Owners - Ontario, Quebec, Upstate NY

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Diesel Brethren:

I have worked out group buy pricing with the regional representative for Total Lubricants, and a distributor, for Total Quartz INEO MC3 oil in the correct 5w30 viscosity as specified by GM. This is a synthetic, low SAPS, officially Dexos2 registered product on the Dexos web page.

I've run Mobil1 in all of my engines for almost 20 years and wanted to stay with them, but they have no oil that is officially registered Dexos2 in our viscosity. I would consider Amsoil as well, but they have no registered Dexos2 oils and none in our viscosity. And Manny has completely put me off the AC Delco semi-synthetic that I was planning on using.

This Total oil, formerly known as Elf, looks really good. Total is a European company involved in Formula 1 racing and our engines are European so that makes me feel comfortable. I found a 1L bottle of this INEO MC3 oil at a gas station and they wanted almost $16 for it.

From what I can tell this Total Quartz INEO MC3 oil is sold as a full synthetic in Europe and Canada, but may be cut down as a semi-synthetic in America. As a result I have sourced this group buy from Canada where we can be assured of its full synthetic composition. However, it is for that reason that I've addressed this thread specifically to members in upstate New York, Quebec and Ontario, as shipping elsewhere will be prohibitive.

It comes in 5L jugs featuring the Dexos2 logo, with pricing in the mid-$30 range per jug. As with other group buys the pricing I've worked out adjusts for the total quantity ordered and is a substantial discount from retail. To protect the competitive interests of retailers I can only disclose exact pricing via private message.

I make no revenue from this and am making this offer of a group buy so that I can bring down my own unit costs.

Like many of you I normally like to keep supplies in stock so that I can do my work anytime of the day, night or statutory holiday I wish. Furthermore, I've read that oil has a pretty much unlimited shelf life provided that it is kept sealed and indoors. Outdoors is about two years and unsealed about one year.
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