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Diesel Race tune : Went to the Dyno!

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Following this thread :

And after chatting with Corbin Murphy @ Fleece, i wanted to know how much power my car was making and if the 50hp tune was indeed stronger then the Race tune. (The tune you get when you delete)

So Corbin made a Tune that "should be the 50hp tune scripted over what you had." (The 50hp tune is one of the 3 tunes you get when you just tune a stock Diesel)

So here are the results : Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet cruze Motor vehicle
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1st of all, if you look in the picture where you see my car, on the blue shield its writen Mustang Dyno, so these are good numbers. The guy there never did a Cruze, didnt know Diesel existed and was quite impressed.

I was right! The 50hp tune is indeed more powerfull then the Race tune, but the amount of BLACK SMOKE you get is ridiculus, lol. The guys at Fleece did an incredible job on the Race tune to make it this powerfull with almost no smoke. On the Graph you can see the difference between the two tunes.

181hp and 296lbs of torque at the wheels for the 50hp dirty tune. The torque punch earlier too, its quite violent and funny when you drive.

173hp and 286lbs of torque at the wheels for the Race tune. Smoother driveability and no smoke.

Conclusion : I will use the 50hp tune only when i go Drag racing or to do stupid things. Its not worth it on the street for the difference with the Race tune.
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I havent read the entire thread yet bit couldnt resist responding.

I have been using trifecta tune for couple of years. Brand new the trans sucked. Rough shifts, hunting for gear... couldnt decide. I hated the going to neutral as you come to a stop also hated the automatic downshift when I was trying to coast for fuel savings. I absolutely loved the tri tune and it made the transmission shift beautifully and as I was accustomed to in all the cars I've owned in 50 years. As fuel economy continued to get worse I set the engine tune back to factory but left the transmission tume. Now I've discovered that my decrease fuel economy was at least partly the map sensor and EGR things with all the soot build up. Just cleaning the map sensor today restored 8 of my lost 10 MPG and I'm considering going back to the engine tune to see how it does. It is certainly a lot more fun to drive that way it really wakes it up.
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