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Different Tire Rotation Patterns

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Researched a bit of tire rotation and noticed radial tires are recommended to go:

- Back to front cross side.


- Front to back same side.

Because I don`t want to have the whole car on stands, I`ll criss/cross both sides one time and the next time, front to back/back to front same side.

? How do you folks rotate ?
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After many decades of driving, I've not found much difference between the two methods, if done on a regular basis. If the car is a high performance machine without LSD, there might be a better one, but not on what this car is. My old '69 Camaro Z28 simply wore out the rears so much quicker, I didn't bother with rotation, just replacements.

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With radial tires crossing pattern is recommended for max life of tire. I have always rotated my tires by bringing the rears straight forward and crossing the fronts as I carry them to rear. Do this every oil change, which is 5k miles for me. Always worked great for me on all of my vehicles I have owned the past 30 years. This little Cruze is still on the Michelin tires that came from factory on car. I have 55k miles on the car, and will probably get another 10k miles out them before I replace them. This is not all highway miles either. Probably 60% in town, 40% highway. Also, keeping the correct amount of tire pressure goes a long way in tire life.
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