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That's too bad man. Good luck.

I ordered a GM Korean grille for the Cruze on ebay convinced it would fit based on the listing and my own personal research by photo comparisons and what not.

Turned out it was just slightly off. I mean by so little. Was strange that GM would have created an entirely new mold when they could have just used the standard front fascia.

Any way, argued with the Korean seller about a refund. They wanted me to ship it back so they can inspect it before they would issue a refund. I asked a dozen times if they would pay me back the $90 to ship it back to Korea. They said they would see. Well they lied. I guess I should be happy they refunded me for the price of the part. But they flat out stopped replying to ALL of my messages. They ignored me and I had to eat that shipping cost.

This ordeal occured over two months. And to make it worse I could not give the seller a bad review because ebay only gives you 30 days to rate a seller I think.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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