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I went through the same process, different diffuser and this is what you need to do. Write to the seller, calmly explain that is does not fit, send pictures and ask for an RMA#. Try and get them to agree to refund your return postage as well citing the ad copy stating it was a fit for your Cruze.

The USPS International shipping cost to Pusan Korea was $88.25 for mine and it weighed a bit more than what you describe as mine was thick plastic. When you ship it, pay a little more and value it for the amount of purchase with shipping. I recommend this as if it gets lost, the USPS will pay out the insured amount. If it doesn't get lost and your seller actually pays you, you are out only a few dollars.

For now, buy some Plasti-dip and experiment with that for now. only a few bucks to make your Cruze temporarily different. As for a more permanent solution, you will spend more for a bit better quality. Duraflex® 109504 - GT Racing Style Fiberglass Rear Bumper Cover (Unpainted) , or try Chevrolet Cruze Rear Bumper Air Diffuser 2010-2015 , If you plan on driving in the winter with this, I wouldn't bother with ABS or Duraflex because it will break with a slight bump - don't ask me how I know - sore subject.

So did you document the new wiring for the tails? - I'd be interested in seeing what you did.

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Sorry i want to ask you what did you do it with the rear diffuser finaly?
Because i am looking for the same product that you buy but i found nothing.
I bought a rear diffuser on eBay for my 2014 Chevrolet Cruze, this one pictured here.
View attachment 250593
And so time passes and it comes all the way from Korea only to find out it is the shittiest plastic I've ever come across. Rather than thick ABS type bumper/ accessory plastic, its more like children's Halloween mask type plastic (I'm literally talking about the thickness of a finger nail). Secondly, apparently it is for the Holden Cruze ONLY, something the original ad had entirely mislead about by clearly stating that it would fit BOTH the Holden & Chevrolet Cruzes'. I've racked my brain for all possibilities, and I have come up with I have lost my $260 dollars. Quick and easy bumper mods to make this work are not a feasible possibility after assessing my situation for a couple days. I'd have to modify too much for the possibility, of maybe, having it kinda, work. Also shipping back to Korea costs $250 , which I am not paying. Here are some pictures to let you guys know whats going on.

1: First of all, the piece itself is longer than my bumper recession/ diffuser installation area. looking at roughly [~47in.] bumper recession VS. roughly [~55in.] diffuser as purchased. The american Chevrolet Cruze "rear bumper recession area" where a diffuser attaches to is actually smaller than the "rear bumper recession area" on a Holden Cruze.
View attachment 250601
View attachment 250673

2: Secondly, the diffuser is actually longer than the entire bumper itself on my Chevrolet Cruze. This thing is so long that it protrudes around the side of my vehicle causing a pretty bad wind catch if I were to install it like that.
View attachment 250609
View attachment 250617

At some angles it looks like the fit between this diffuser and my car is not actually that bad, but its not meant to be installed on this version of the Cruze and isn't a clean finish with precise fitment and looks bad in person especially.

View attachment 250625
View attachment 250633

  • Has anybody found a diffuser that fits the american Chevrolet Cruze correctly, and can provide links, pics, etc ? Even though I'm very picky, I'm open to ideas.
  • Does anybody have ideas about making this diffuser work? I've even thought about cutting the silver section in the middle off from the diffuser as well as the exhaust tips and attaching them to my existing bumper by my own means. I also considered tracing around the top perimeter of the diffuser and cutting out that entire area of my bumper and replacing it with the diffuser, but even if i did that the far corner sections of the diffuser look like they will create a non-perfect fitment issue. I am VERY hesitant of doing anything tacky or jimmy rigged on this vehicle since I would like to think I have gotten that out of my system with my previous Pontiac Grand Am(s) and Chevy Cavalier. I want everything to be clean and perfect and have a quality / "could be factory" feel to it (I mean my BMW style taillights are $300 for gods sake, and they WEREN'T plug and play!)
  • Final question. It really wouldn't be worth it or cost effective to buy the Holden Cruze bumper and have it painted and then put the diffuser on that would it? Or would a Holden Cruze Bumper even fit on the Chevrolet Cruze? I did a quick look around and the Holden bumper looks like 200-300 for just primed bumper + paint cost + ~250 shipping charge. Sooooo....Nah.
i want to ask you what did you do it with the rear diffuser finaly .i am looking for the same product that you buy because match perfectly to my cruze but i found nothing.
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