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I went through the same process, different diffuser and this is what you need to do. Write to the seller, calmly explain that is does not fit, send pictures and ask for an RMA#. Try and get them to agree to refund your return postage as well citing the ad copy stating it was a fit for your Cruze.

The USPS International shipping cost to Pusan Korea was $88.25 for mine and it weighed a bit more than what you describe as mine was thick plastic. When you ship it, pay a little more and value it for the amount of purchase with shipping. I recommend this as if it gets lost, the USPS will pay out the insured amount. If it doesn't get lost and your seller actually pays you, you are out only a few dollars.

For now, buy some Plasti-dip and experiment with that for now. only a few bucks to make your Cruze temporarily different. As for a more permanent solution, you will spend more for a bit better quality. , or try , If you plan on driving in the winter with this, I wouldn't bother with ABS or Duraflex because it will break with a slight bump - don't ask me how I know - sore subject.

So did you document the new wiring for the tails? - I'd be interested in seeing what you did.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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