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It is made for the Korean Chevy Cruze, which is basically Holden. (Rolls eyes).

It's still on them though. You can just make an ebay case and get your money back. Just say it doesn't fit the Chevy Cruze as advertised. They will refund you, like no questions asked. I don't know why are considering anything else.
Snipesy is correct !! :happy:
Respond to ebay and the seller with "Not As Described" and point out the discrepancy in the listing that says it will fit your Cruze.
Then ask the seller for a pre-paid label to return item.
Ebay will refund your payment and the seller will give you a return label for item.
You can then buy a correct part for your Cruze !!! :yahoo:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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