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Disappearing coolant

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2011 LTZ 57k has a disappearing coolant issue, have had to refill the reservoir twice now in around 30 days. Each time it has taken over 1/2 gallon. What am I looking for?
Thanks Rick
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If the above yields no answer theirs always the usual checks when it comes to lose of coolant;

- start with drips under car ( cardboard can expedite that process)

- check hoses/connections (including back to the firewall)

- Check radiator/ heater core and Radiator cap

-check exhaust (thick white indicates bad head gasket, can be tricky with cold ambient temps)

-check oil (if the dipstick shows traces of coolant or oil is milky, indicates bad head gasket)

((If head gasket is suspected try the chemical leak test for the radiator, most parts stock them))
Or go to an emissions shop and have the radiator sniffed for free.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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