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Disc Italia Cermanic Brake Pads

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I'm starting to look for new fronts brakes as I'm about to pass the 30K mileage point. Anyone heard of disc italia brakes? I did a google search and found a lot of positive reviews with Chrysler people.

Any suggestions for ceramic pads? I'm not a fan of EBC as I have had bad experiences with them.

As for rotors, I'll probably go with the basic Centric Premium rotor. I wish Brembo made an OEM replacement for the cruze but they don't.
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I've done a couple hundred hours in a street prepared Miata (track class for timed events). When I first set up the car, I did slotted rotors and EBC green pads. I learned a painful lesson with those brakes. First, the slots tore all the material off the pads, and second, I exceeded the operating temperature of the pads.

To get nice and consistent lap times on a 30 minute run, I went to slightly larger discs, with no slots, and Cobalt pads. They were rated 100 to 1100F. While not ideal for driving when it's cold out, just using the brakes once would get it into it's temperature range.

Having read what Giant posted, I agree that your are best off with a standard disc and high temperature pads. You want to match your pads to your braking duties. For instance, 30 minutes on 11" discs on a 2200lb car with 1100 degree pads was pretty good. This setup could easily handle 30 minutes of hot lapping. But I wouldn't want to double that time.

Think about what you are doing with your brakes!

If you are still on stock brake fluid, then you don't need better pads or bigger rotors. The longest and hardest I ever used brakes on the street was for 10 minutes on a mountain road in the middle of the night. And even that was only 50% of what a HPDE or Timed Event would need.

I have never had my brakes get hot on the street, mountain driving or not. You want to see hot brakes? Take note the next time you follow a bedding procedure. THOSE are hot brakes! And I am a far cry from that in any street situation.

And because of that, I'll be putting slotted/cross drilled rotors on my car. Because I don't heat them up enough to even get remotely close to their limit.
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That mountain must not have been like the two my Wife goes over every day to work, and back home. I've had both of our Cruze's shaking badly going down either side. This is with both stock brakes, and EBC blank rotors with Hawk HPS pads that were bedded to the letter of Hawk's instructions.

I start at roughly 30-40 mph at the top, and by the bottom you have to use the brakes a lot because these cars just will not hold themselves back. When you get behind someone it's even worse. You can let them get ahead of you at the top, but by the middle to bottom of the mountain you have to be all over the brakes because they're poking along at 25, and the Cruze acts like a run away train because there's no compression braking.

For me personally I see no con's to the slotted rotors. I've had them before with no problems as far as brake shake compared to blank rotors. Now if I lived out where it's flat I definitely believe that blank rotors would suit me just fine.
My bad. My experience with Cruze brakes probably differs a LOT from the gas models...
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