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Disc Italia Cermanic Brake Pads

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I'm starting to look for new fronts brakes as I'm about to pass the 30K mileage point. Anyone heard of disc italia brakes? I did a google search and found a lot of positive reviews with Chrysler people.

Any suggestions for ceramic pads? I'm not a fan of EBC as I have had bad experiences with them.

As for rotors, I'll probably go with the basic Centric Premium rotor. I wish Brembo made an OEM replacement for the cruze but they don't.
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This was an interesting read.

I had to do an emergency brake job on my Cruze tonight.

Last night, after going out to eat with my wife, I heard the tell-tale "squeak" from my driver's side brake pad. I knew the pads were getting down there but the one inside pad was apparently just a little bit more worn.

Stopped at my usual Chevy dealer today during lunch and they had none in stock. Fortunately, I usually hit multiple counties in a day for work purposes and found a dealer with one set of OEM pads in stock for the bargain price of $100 (compared to list price of $144). Otherwise, I was going to have to hit up Advance Auto or NAPA on the way home.

I am not hard on my brakes and I actually like how they perform. The brakes grab quickly when needed, and the original pads lasted 3 days shy of 2 years and 99,230 miles. The original rotors are nice and smooth too, so I think I'll be good for a while now.

Btw, the Chevy parts dept. says the OEM pads are semi-metallic. (I was suspicious of this claim by the parts department as they were also telling me they do have a cheaper pad available for $65, which I thought would have been the semi-metallics.)
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