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Back in the old days before wheel alignment shops was always a DIY project. Would take a block of wood with a sharp nail sticking out and rotate the tires to get to scribe line it.

Talk a long stick, like a piece of 3/4" electrical conduit with two 1 by 2's with hole drilled in it and thumb screws to tighten them also with nails on the other end to compare the distance from the center of the rear of the tires to the front of the tires. Did this on my motorhome, wanted a huge fortune to align these. Just made the front, think is was around 3/32" narrower than the front.

Steering wheel on this thing was not keyed, with a fine splines in it, centered the steering wheel this way. Camber can be checked on a level surface with a level with two equal blocks on it to catch the wheel rim. Caster is the rough one, but as long as the steering wheel spins back, its okay.

I know what you are talking about, most places around here will do an alignment check for 15 bucks, or even for free with new tires installed. But want an extra 70-80 bucks just to loosen the lock nut on a tie rod end and rotate the tie rod a tad.

What really didn't make sense is when I brought my old Caddy in, used all shims for camber and caster that took them quite awhile to get it right. But that was only 30 bucks, but bring in a FWD car with nothing but toe in to adjust, suddenly the price is 80 bucks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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