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DIY Bluetooth A2DP (Bluetooth Audio Streaming)

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DIY Bluetooth A2DP (Bluetooth Audio Streaming)

So after reading and doing some research I've been itching on the idea of having factory Stereo Bluetooth aka A2DP. In the forum post on this site the user bojangles talks about his issues with USB and how he was able to get the dealership to install the PDIM from a Camaro. Looking further I want to avoid the dealership at all possible. I then got in my 2012 Cruze LTZ/RS and checked the FW/SW and luckily I have the latest according to the forum post DB/DD.

Looking on the internet and the forum the PDIM GM#20985421 (22872777, 22829143 - part has been renumbered a couple of times now -obermd) is the PDIM from a Camaro and is the latest according to the forum post on the Camaro website. AMAZON has it currently for under 90 bucks, I ordered it and took apart my dash and after poking around for about an hour I finally found my current PDIM which is very conveniently located. Today the Camaro PDIM will come in, point being is hopefully since my FW is up to to latest it should be plug and play and work like a charm. (fingers crossed) I can't be certain poking around on the Camaro forum the people who have installed PDIM's never had one to begin with and they didn't have the latest and had to have theirs flashed. This is why I say this is a test, Will update and post a how to if it works along with the location of the PDIM.


Simple Guide to install

I already had DB/DD installed prob will work for you too as long as your radio is at this FW. If not I'm not sure how this will work out for you. You might need to go into a dealership to update then you can preform this mod. I take no responsibility for anything about this guide it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for you or your car wont randomly explode because you installed a factory feature not available to the cruze lol.

1. First you need the New PDIM GM#22797218, along with a flat head screwdriver and a 7mm socket
Tire Auto part Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior

2. Detach the passenger kickpannel that is under the center console like so. (It just pulls off but be careful)
Vehicle Car Auto part

3. Detach the silver/golf ball trim that around the shift-nob
Vehicle Car Vehicle door Automotive exterior Automotive design
Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive wheel system Wheel

4. Remove the 2 screws on each side of the change holder
Auto part Bumper Vehicle Electronics Engine
Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive wheel system Wheel

5. Sorry for the pics couldn't get a better one but kinda underneath after you remove the change holder you'll see the PDIM.
Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive lighting Mid-size car

6. Ok back underneath the passengers side kick panel you removed earlier you'll also see the end of the PDIM I used my hand and pushed it. FYI their are some clips holding the PDIM front where we removed the change pocket.

Bumper Auto part Automotive exterior Trunk

you'll see it start to come out.

Auto part Tire Vehicle Automotive exterior Rim

7. After pulling it so far I let if fall down so it exposes the back of the PDIM
Electronics Electronic component Technology Auto part Electronic device

8. Here we have the PDIM

Material property Auto part Car

9. All you do now is replace it with the new one and your good to go. FYI the USB cord is hard to get off you need to put a flat blade in-between the metal clip you do not press down on the metal clip to remove you press up by putting something in-between.
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