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Here is a video I made for you all, since you've all helped me with issues in the past. I figured I should contribute to the community.

At minute 3:19 of the video, you'll see what exactly it sounds like when the vacuum pump and pipe is functioning properly. At minute 1:43, you see what it's like when the vacuum pump and pipe is NOT functioning properly.

You will need:
13mm socket
10mm socket
jack and stands
tire removal kit (it's easier to remove the driver front tire to access pump)
flathead screwdriver
occasional profanity to pull pipe off

Parts included:
vacuum pump $150 new (I bought used from Ebay for about $100 because I'm a recycler)

More Information for ACDELCO 13376001
*vacuum pipe assembly $75 new (it includes microswitch sensor kit, comes in tamper proof packaging, cannot be returned after opening!)
*Microswitch Sensor Kit $28 new GM Sensor Kit - 13460776 : Automotive

*denotes tentative part. If vacuum pump test passes after initial installation, you don't need any of the marked parts. If the pump fails to start after installation, you have an electrical problem, pointing toward the Microswitch Sensor (which was recalled!) If the pump runs continuously, you have a leak. Test the hose with your finger until the pump stops to check for leaks. If the pump stops after placing your finger on the end of the hose, and at the end of the pipe assembly, then the leak is inside the brake booster system, which will need to be replaced. Don't replace the hose if it could be the booster, because that's $75 you won't get back.

Here is the video

Hi I want to see the video but is private, I bought the parts. Thanks for your help
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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