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DIY Mudguards

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With winter not too far off in its full force, I finally got around to beefing up my mud guards. I have been running with a set of aftermarket mudguards on Amazon for quite a while. Recently bought another set to replace one of the front ones that broke. After that I went over to the store to look for some high quality type of rubber I could use to make my own flaps since nothing proper really exists for the Cruze. I ended up finding a plain old outdoor rubber mat, rather thin, perfect size to cut in half and then shape to my liking. After some measurements (twice of course) and cutting once, I came out with a product I was fairly pleased with.

I bolted them over my existing plastic guards for some additional support and, while not pretty, the result is somewhat visually acceptable and most definitely functional. The yard at work is very muddy and these keep all the mud from spraying up the side of the vehicle. They've performed great in the couple of snowfalls we've had too, preventing the snow from building up along the side under the vehicle. I only put them on the front for now, I may do the same to the rear eventually. We'll see how these stand the test of time and mother nature. Please excuse the mess, I hadn't finished cleaning the car yet.

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