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I have done all of my own oil changes on the Gen 1 Cruze. It's super easy on the gen 1 and only takes me about 15 minutes. I don't even lift the car. I have an oil drain container that fits perfectly underneath. The oil change place I used in the past wants $69 for the Cruze because it requires synthetic oil. The dealership wants to keep my car all day, which is unbelievable.

Keep your receipts. Keep a log of oil changes with the dates and mileage. There is one in the back of the owners manual.

This is my check list I use to actually do the oil change. I print this out and take it with me to the car so that I don't forget anything. This is my personal list for my Gen 1 Cruze.
- Note mileage, pre-service oil level on dipstick, and oil monitor %.
- Loosen oil fill cap and pull dipstick up an inch.
- Loosen oil filter until the o-ring is visible.
- Remove drain plug and drain oil.
- Replace filter and gasket.
- Torque filter to 25 NM or 18.5 ft lb.
- Torque drain plug to 14 NM or 10 ft lb.
- Fill engine with 4.25 quarts of oil.
- Push dipstick back in.
- Install and tighten oil fill cap.

Also, read through the owners manual. There are other items you are supposed to do at every oil change. Here is the checklist I use:

- Lubricate hood and door hinges and lock cylinders.
- Lubricate hood latch assembly, secondary latch, spring anchor and release pawl.
- Lubricate weather strips.
- Check engine air filter.
- Check brake fluid and coolant levels.
- Inspect trans drain and fill plugs.
- Inspect engine and trans for leaks.
- Check tire pressures, spare and inspect valves and caps.
- Inspect wheels and lug nuts.
- Inspect joints, struts, linkage, shafts and seals.
- Inspect lights, wiper blades, battery terminals, glass.
- Inspect brake pads, drums, rotors, plugs, booster, calipers and brake lines.
- Inspect park brake cable and system.
- Spray suspension joints with silicone spray (recommended by @NickD )
- Starter switch check on page 10-29 in owners manual (2014).
- Ignition transmission lock check on page 10-30.
- Park brake check on page 10-30.
- Auto trans shift lock control check on page 10-29.
- Restraint system check on page 3-15.
- Accelerator pedal check on page 11-4.
- Check sunroof track and seal. page 2-24.
- Safety system check. page 3-15.

It only takes a few minutes to do all of these other items. Instructions are included for most of them in the OM. I do some of these when I rotate the tires, which I do about every 7500 miles.

I use fluids and lubricants recommended in the Owners Manual.
- Oil - Dexos1 5W-30.
- Coolant - 50/50 mixture of water and Dex-Cool.
- Door hinges, Lock cylinders - Superlube (GM part number 12346241)
- Hood latch - Lubriplate (GM 89021668)
- Weatherstrip - I have been using Jet Lube dielectric grease. I bought a 1 lb can on Amazon.
- Sunroof tracks - I have been using Jet Lube white lithium grease with PTFE. Also a 1 lb can from Amazon

I also recently bought some Krytox GPL105 because I read on other forums that it is the same as the GM recommended weatherstrip conditioner (GM 3634770). I haven't tried it yet.

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As promised, here's my $.02 worth:

Text Font Line Number Parallel

Spin-On Oil Filter Replacement (GEN II)

April 5, 2017
The correct match of oil filter to engine application is more important now than ever with the tight tolerances, two stage oil pumps and high flow lubrication requirements of today’s modern engines.

Beginning in 2012, oil pumps began to regulate main gallery feedback instead of pump output pressure, which means that the oil pump does not begin to regulate until pressure is built up to the main gallery. This change reduces the amount of time it takes to provide oil to the engine bearing and lifters during extreme cold start conditions.

To meet these new engine operating requirements, the oil filter specifications of production oil filters and service oil filters have been improved. If a replacement oil filter with an internal bypass valve opening pressure specification of 15 PSI (100 kPa) or less is used, debris could circulate in the engine and cause damage to bearings and other tight tolerances areas, and eventually lead to premature engine failure.

PF64 and PF63 Filters

The PF64 and PF63 (Fig. 20) filters are commonly confused as an ACDelco PF48 and/or PF48E filter because both oil filters have the same appearance and oil can size. However, these oil filters are not the same and have different internal bypass valve opening pressure specifications. The PF48/PF48E has a pressure specification of 15 PSI (100 kPa) while the PF64/PF63E has a pressure specification of 22 PSI
Auto part Oil filter Wheel

(150 kPa). Fig. 20

Refer to the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) to determine the proper part numbers for a replacement oil filter.  If an aftermarket filter is used, it must have an internal bypass valve opening pressure specification, element integrity, filtration performance, media particle trap specification and burst strength that is equivalent to the original production oil filter.

– Thanks to Tracy Lucas

2 Responses to “Spin-On Oil Filter Replacement”

• Ed.:
June 9, 2017 at 12:48 pm
The PF64/PF63E is designed for the GEN 5 engine with a variable displacement oil pump so it can’t be used on a GEN 4 engine.

• Darrell Holloway:
June 7, 2017 at 8:18 am
Your third paragraph states that a bypass opening pressure of 15 PSI or less could cause engine damage but the fourth paragraph states the PF-47 has an opening pressure of 15 PSI. Would not the PF 64 or 63 be a better choice due to a higher opening pressure?


XP Extreme Duty; Best for Synthetic Motor Oils
Wix XP is Engineered for today's toughest driving conditions. Heavy loads, city driving, and high temperatures are no match for the enhanced durability of our latest filter. XP Filters provide the ultimate protection, offering technology for the latest advancements in synthetic oil and extended mileage. Features include:
  • Wire-backed full synthetic media
  • Made for today's longer OE service intervals
  • Designed for Full-Synthetic oils
XP filters are ideal for vehicles subject to:
  • Towing trailers, boats and heavy equipment.
  • High idling conditions in stop-and-go city driving.
  • Harsh driving environments, such as dusty and muddy roads and extremely high temperatures.
Height (in)3.450
Outer Diameter Top (in)2.921
Inner Diameter TopClosed
FlowRate10-12 GPM
StyleSpin-On Lube Filter

WIX Warranty Information
Vehicle Manufacturer's Recommended Service Intervals

Per Rock Auto, this filter can also be found in these vehicles:
Please refer to catalog for application details.

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Or seal on a regular metal filter.
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Blatantly stolen from this thread: Oil filter for extended life synthetic oil? (GEN I)

This needed to be here though - Thanks Robby

You can change the oil filter with no oil loss.

Get the short shoulder socket for the housing.....mine is from Lisle(auto parts store item in the tool isle).
A correctly installed housing will require nothing more than a wrist twist to is not meant to be tight since there is a 'O' ring seal.
The new filter (I only use OE) comes with a new 'O' ring.

Loosen the housing till the 'O' ring rises above the adapter on the block......this provides a air entrance so the housing can drain into the pan. Wait about five minutes.
Remove the housing, snap the filter out of the locating pins and discard. Note the location of the 'O' ring and R&R using the new one in the filter kit.....snap the new filter into the housing and re-install several turns by hand.....finish by using the socket and extension but remember.......just firmly tighten......there is really no torque involved (the housing is plastic).

If allowed the several minutes to drain you will lose no oil (maybe a drip) during the process.


EDIT: Per Rob - The socket is a
24mm short socket, 3/8ths drive

Lisle 13310 Low Profile Filter Socket, 24mm

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So what filter do you need for the 2016.5 (spin on filter) with auto/start-stop??
I get both PF64 and 48E hits at the part stores

Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

I see you did not get an answer. Is your Cruze a Gen I or Gen II?

Don't forget to introduce yourself and your Cruze here.

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Gen 1 has a different kind of filter, not the screw on.
Yes and that is why I asked that question. I also see that I need to qualify my post above as well as I did not specify what Generation.

I have a Gen 2 2016.5 out of Lordstown OH plant
As neile300c said above, the owner's manual says PF64.


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For the GEN I, I would use Wix filter media:
(a bigger picture)

Rock Auto currently has very good prices on the filter media , so if you are buying other parts shipped from the same warehouse, they are a good deal. Otherwise you need to factor in the shipping.

Per Rock Auto, this filter is also found in the following vehicles:

's Guide : WIX 57674 Oil Filter

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Yes and that is why I asked that question. I also see that I need to qualify my post above as well as I did not specify what Generation.

The only reason I said that was that both the 64 and 48 are the same type, screw on.

Good catch! I must have just assumed that the 48 was for the Gen I. I use WIX filters so I didn't have a reference to the 48. Now to find out more about that one.

EDIT: AC Delco PF64 vs. PF48 vs. PF63

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Just ran across this on Sandy Blogs:

[h=2]Proper Oil Filter Use on the 1.4L Engine[/h]
May 20, 2017
The 1.4L turbocharged engine (RPO LUV) available in 2013-2018 Encore, 2016 Cruze (VIN P), 2013-2015 Cruze, and 2013-2018 Sonic and Trax models uses two different oil filters. It’s important to correctly identify and use the correct oil filter for the engine.

Two different suppliers provide the oil filter housing assembly for the 1.4L engine. Each housing assembly requires a different oil filter. The correct oil filter must be used based on the oil filter housing assembly application.

Use the VIN to identify the correct vehicle in the electronic parts catalog (EPC). For part number and usage, see Filter Kit, Oil in Group 01.836 in the EPC.

TIP: Install a new oil filter cap seal ring (Fig. 9, C) at each oil change. Ensure the oil filter cap (Fig. 9, B) is completely seated on the oil filter housing assembly (Fig. 9, D) and the filter (Fig. 9, A) fits properly in the housing. If the cap is not completely seated, an oil leak may occur. Do not overtorque the oil filter cap.

Fig. 9
– Thanks to Jeff Kropp


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GM CUSTOMER CARE & AFTERSALESURGENT - DISTRIBUTE IMMEDIATELYDATE 02/25/2016SUBJECT Oil Filter UsageMODELS 2016 Buick Encore, Chevrolet, Malibu, Cruze, Spark, & Volt Equipped with Engine RPOs LE2, LV7, LFV and L3ATO All Chevrolet, Buick, & GMC DealersATTN Parts Managers, Service Managers, Service Technicians and Fleet Service and Part ManagersThe new small gas engines launched in the 2016 vehicles use oil filter P/N 12667194.This P/N has been superseded to P/N12670058, then superseded to P/N12674698 (AC Delco UPF64R). If this part number is unavailable you can use oil filter P/N 12640445 (AC Delco PF64) until stock becomes available for the P/N12667194 - P/N12670058 – P/N12674698 oil filter (AC Delco UPF64R).Thank you for your cooperation @Taxman, this is all I could find: END OF MESSAGE GM CUSTOMER CARE & AFTERSALES

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