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Does anybody know the difference between UPF64R and UPF64RF Durapack version?
On the GEN 1 filters the "F" in the part number stood for a package of filters. I think the Durapack is like a shrinkwrapped package of like 12 filters. Meant to be sold and used in a shop environment.

I've purchased both from Rockauto for the GEN1. It seems like it's the same actual filter, but rockauto breaks the packages apart and will sell one durapack filter vs. the full package of 12.

The 6 durapack part numbers I got from Rockauto were filters in individually sealed baggies from ACDelco. The non "F" version actually came in boxes.

Not sure about the GEN 2 filters though.
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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