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So i noticed that when you go to buy BNR's tuner handheld it asks if you need an AutoCal or already have one.

I have never flashed a car before and was wondering about the process.

People on youtube who have the BNR tuner handheld make it look like you just drag and drop a file and flash the car.

Please enlighten me.

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The AutoCal is the 'BNR tuner handheld'.

If you already have an EFI Live Autocal that isn't registered to a vendor, or registered to a vendor who is willing to get a code from EFI Live to release it, or already registered to BNR (probably with BNR logo on the front), then you can use it. If it's already linked to a car's VIN you'll need to pay a $125 license fee to link it to another car.

Since Jerry will sell you a new Autocal for $300, that puts a $175 upper limit on the value of any Autocal that's been linked to somebody else's car.
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