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Thanks everyone for the help and info. I am happy to hear that you think I shouldn't be concerned yet. I thought it was possible that the engine may still be breaking in, considering how I drive.

I checked it again a couple minutes ago while it is stone cold. I did the double dipstick method described by Aussie. It is now sitting just above the bottom line, which is one block above the hash marks. So it did go up a little. I did check it cold before I left this weekend, and it was at the top line. I will check it again about 5 minutes after I get to work to see what it looks like then. I will watch it closely for the next few weeks and only compare readings taken at similar times. I am hopeful that everything is ok.

I think I will take the long way to work for a while so that I can get it on the freeway for a few miles each way. I think I will also be careful not to open it full throttle or engine brake for a few weeks as well.
Hello dhpnet,

If you are experiencing any further concerns with this, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, Kristen or Erica! We would be happy to assist you with any questions. Looking forward to the updates.

Patsy G
Chevrolet Customer Care
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