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A couple of thoughts......and yes, new engines may consume some oil during break in.
Since you indicate primarily slowish stop and go usage prior to this trip it could be assumed the rings have not fully seated.

You indicated checking the oil level prior to your trip....I will assume this took place prior to your first start up.
If that was the case, the level you saw at that time was the true oil level since the oil up in the head had time (overnight) to drain down into the pan.
You then indicate the oil level was checked immediatly after refueling.....if this was the case, it will often create a incorrect reading.....a fair amount of oil is still up in the head that has yet to make it down into the pan.

If you havent added yet (and really, you don't need to till the level is at the add line) check the oil after sitting all night or after sitting several hours.

Then you are comparing cold, pre-start level to cold, pre-start may find you consumed nothing.

Also, it is not uncommon for oil consumption to occur after many miles of around town, short trip driving.....then going on a long high speed drive.
The short trips allow unburned fuel to get into the crankcase through the blowby that occurs before the rings/pistons have expanded fully.
As a result, the oil thins a bit and can get past the rings and into the combustion chamber causing some loss and, because oil temperature in the crankcase is now quite high, the fuel diluted oil will experience 'boil off' or more vaporizing than normal.
Those vapors will be drawn through the PCV system and be burned as well.

A long winded way of saying it is not yet time for concern.
Check your oil at the beginning of the day or after sitting several hours to get true readings....if loss continues, change the oil and be certain to check the level the next morning so you know the stick level starting point.
Then, check the level once a week......for example, every Sunday morning.

I'm betting there will be no loss noted using the aforementioned methods.

Keep in touch,
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