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i am surprised what i did didnt hurt my trans, ok when you get mad make sure you know what your doing so not going to detail of what caused it, but anyway i got upset (car was in park) threw it in drive and hit the gas hit 40mph and decided to shift and went into neutral, (couldnt move over and was on a busy highway with traffic coming behind me) so i slowed down to 20mph and went back to drive and went to manual mode and got back up to speed in a hurry. no grinding or codes (just smooth shifting)

if i remember right this car wont let you go from neutral to drive unless your at a safe speed. i can understand, if your below 5mph but 20mph hard to believe

also i found out at a stand still i can go from reverse to drive without the brake, drive to reverse need the brake pressed in..
I've done this on accident before. Thought I was in manual mode. Neutral to drive is safe as the computer rev matches. It won't let it go into drive at high rpm though. It blinks "D" until the revs drop to a rev matched point.

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