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Do you really need 4wheel disc brakes?

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Or is the disc/drum of the Cruze good enough, I would say the disc/drum is more than enough! You say Patman I need 4 wheel disc. What do I base this opinion on? Do you ever drive down the road and pay attention to what is in front of your car but not immediately in front of your car? Well 2night that happened to me. I was driving down the this road and did not see a red traffic light in front of me until my wife panicked and yelled red light and noticed this light that was red within 25 of me. I immediately jammed on the brakes and stopped just over the crosswalk. The car had no problem doing so with the disc/ drum set up in my 2012 Eco with 15000 miles on it. The only problem I had was my wife's overreaction to the situation. I stopped in time! She asked if I saw the light I had to say no. I was paying attention more to the next light(where I was going) more so than to this light on an obscure street!!! That did not exist until it became a point of conflict in my car and seemed kinda out of place! All I trying to say is the disc/ drum set up on my car was good enough to stop my car in a short distance just as well as 4 wheel disc. The only thing I have done to my drum is to adjust them. :2cents::2cents: You can make up your own decision! I base mine off of experience and that is mine
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Does the rear z and non z rear setups matter for the swap? The rears don't do much of the stopping, but from the factory the fronts will lock up quicker than they should. Once I got the reatrs adjusted to at least GM spec I was way better off. Of all the new cars I had the Cruze didn't have that extremely touchy grabby new car brake feel.
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