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Does anyone have Winjet headlights?

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Unfortunately the only people I've seen make posts about them on here are not active members it seems :(

I'd really like some feedback from people who are using them. Purdy please! :)

One question I have is about the h7 halogens they come with - curious how those look, or if you switched them out, and with what, if you did.
And how truly plug-n-play they are.
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I use* to owned the ones pre-winjet Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Lighting Auto part
Vehicle Car Mode of transport Automotive exterior Night

judging by the pictures its a clean install for just the low beam but the high beam looks like it needs wires. My best advice to give you.....its completely not worth it, my reasons: The first set I bought leaked after two months and I even double sealed them before hand. Quality was piss poor for a possibly made in America headlight. I then bought another set by a well known company that was recommended all over this site from CarID, guess what, these were actually made in America and the one turn signal didn't work. I returned those and went back to stock and I will never own another aftermarket headlight again, its all junk especially with LED boards, just wait till the one LED burns out and it looks all goofy. The amount of money you will actually spend on this crap and you could of had retro fitted with higher quality items. That's my rant but to me the 400 is not worth it at all.
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