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Does anyone run E-85?

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I noticed on the website below under the LUJ vs. LUV section it states: "Even though they have different engine codes, the LUJ and LUV are identical engines, with the only difference between the two being that the LUV is capable of running on E-85, while the LUJ is not."

Has anyone tried this?

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Run it in the 2012 Cruze 1.4 with no issues.
Nope, not me.......I tried a few tankfuls in my flex-fuel Commander though.

It appeared the gas gauge was racing the tach........went from averaging 17/18mpg down to 8.......I'll spell it.....eight.
Jeep had a 17 gallon tank......two days between fills (I fill at the half tank).

I'm sure the corn farming community just loves it.

I don't think it's something I would run. I prefer to feed my baby Shell 93. I think theres only one station around here that even sells E-85. But reading that is the first I heard that the Cruze could run it. I thought GM put a FlexFuel badge on their vehicles that could. But that being said they also forgot to put the Turbo badge on too.
From the owner's manual,

"Prohibited FuelsGasolines containing oxygenates, such as ethers and ethanol, as well as reformulated gasolines are available in some cities. If these gasolines comply with the previously described specification, then they are acceptable to use. However, E85 and other fuels containing more than 15% ethanol must be used only in FlexFuel vehicles."

I also found this: Running E85 on the 1.4T (LUJ/LUV) - 1.4L Turbo (LUJ, LUV) and 1.6L Turbo (LLU) -

That article says the ECM isn't programed for it and the fuel injectors are inadequate, although the rest of the engine can handle it.
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