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Does My Car Already Have the Trifecta Tune?

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I purchased my car used and was wondering if it might have the Trifecta Tune already.

2013 Cruze LT SR MT (Non-ECO)

After the car warms up:
At 87 Octane it idles rough.
AT 89 Octane it is a bit smoother
AT 93 Octane Shell it's smooth as glass

When I turn off the Cruise Control the acceleration is awesome. With the cruise on it can be a bit lackluster and I have to keep it closer to 3K RPM to get it moving.

When I check out CarFax, the first owner replaced the front wheels after 20K miles. I figure he/she melted them some.

The car holds down 33 mpg mixed driving on 87 octane and 36 - 38 on 93 (I've even seen 40 MPG).

Does the trifecta tune cause the RPM and MPH gauge to be delayed in their sweeps? I get a lot more delay with the cruise off.

Many Thanks,
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Oh I can think of many things the CRUZE has but awesome acceleration is not one of them. As soon as you step on the gas the Cruise control disengages so I wouldn't know what to tell you. Why not try reaching out to the original owner if you can get their info and ask?
Mine was a '14. Traded it. Is it a Dark Blue RS model?
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The way you describe your vehicle, it does sound like you have a Trifecta tune on yours. You may be able to send WOT your VIN # and see if they issued a tune to your vehicle at one time. I don't think it is transferable though.
If you, or anyone, is curious whether a vehicle you have purchased has a TRIFECTA calibration already installed on it, please feel free to message us your VIN at
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