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I've done some searching on the forum and I've studied the parts diagram for the Cruze, but I can't figure out if the car has a clutch delay valve. Driving it, it feels to me like it probably does have one.

On a lot of cars the delay valve is part of a larger assembly and can be removed, but I can't figure out if there is one on the Cruze or where it would be. Is it called something different on the Cruze, if there is one?

For people who don't know, many modern cars with manual transmissions have a clutch delay valve. It's basically a valve that slows the clutch operation when you're letting off the clutch pedal. It makes it so no matter how fast you release the clutch pedal the clutch will always close at a slower, more consistent pace.

On most cars that have them, they also reduce the feel of the clutch pedal, reduce the responsiveness of the clutch and they reduce the ability for experienced drivers to drive the car smoothly. They may help inexperienced drivers operate a manual transmission, but they can be a hindrance to those of us who have been driving them for years.

On a lot of cars owners have figured out how to remove them. For example, here's where you'll find them on some BMWs. Here's how you remove it on some VWs.
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