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Does this sound like a bad clutch?

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Hi everyone,

My dad was driving my 2012 manual Cruze (1.8L) and he said it got increasingly harder to move forward with high RPM. He pulled over and now the car won't go into gear with the engine running. I was able to cycle through all the gears with the engine off (with or without the clutch being pushed in). Does this sound like a bad clutch? I have seen a couple of Youtube videos so I would do it myself but wanted to double check if there are any recommended troubleshooting I can try before going this route. The car has 155K miles on it. Thank you.
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Welcome to CruzeTalk!
Depending on a careful visual check of implied parts and money you want to spend maybe you'll want to keep some parts like pressure plate(if not bad wearing). In your situation could be a faulty clutch slave cylinder(if leaking implied), faulty pressure plate(excessively worn), the friction disk(also excessively worn) or all together. You'll find out. Anyway clutch slave cylinder is the most sensitive part (in my experience) and ready to go bad out of blue when you'd least expect.
Thank you for your reply. I have decided to take this one to the shop because it will be a pain to do without access to a lift. However, I am ordering the parts myself and am not sure what size to get. Currently, there are two options:

First design (216mm diameter)
Second design (228mm diameter)

I called the dealer and they said both options fit and that I will have to measure to see the one that I have on the car. If I buy the second option (both a clutch kit and flywheel with a 228 mm size will it matter what size is on the car at the moment? Or is it only an issue if not replacing the flywheel? Forgive me if the question is basic (newbie here but want to learn). :)
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