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On a previous car I had an aftermarket stereo for 2 years with no issues. All of a sudden my car could not sit for a day without having a dead battery. Even after replacing the battery would still be dead in 18hrs.

Decided to take to the dealer to but also told them to not do any work that would not be covered under warranty. Was informed after a short while the problem was caused by my aftermarket radio and since that was the case I had to pay for the diagnostic time as well. Wasn't happy with this so i paid their diagnostic fee and went home without any fix. Problem ended up being BCM related & having nothing to do with my stereo.

Sure you might not having any issues but if you have any electrical problems don't be surprised if they try to pass blame onto you. I still wont go into that chevy dealer even though its the closest one to my house, was sad in 2008 when it wasn't one of the dealers GM closed.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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