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Are you saying your engine doesn't stop dead the instant you turn off the key? Should never do that until the engine is at idle speed. If the engine doesn't quickly fad away, could have an injector leak leaving fuel in one of the cylinders with a dieseling effect due to high combustion chamber temperatures.

Dieseling was very common with carburetor vehicles with an engine that was very carboned up. With FI, when you switch off the key, not only switch off the ignition, but the injectors as well. Using a low octane fuel also augments this problem.

The world's solution to this now 130 year old carbon problem is to add all kinds of emission control devices and plenty of additives to the fuel in a meager attempt to control it that not only reduces the heating value of the fuel. Resulting in poorer fuel economy, but also drastically increases the cost.

When all they had to do was eliminate the carbon to keep our engines simple. Technology exists for this, and the heating value of carbon in fuels is very poor.

Can the whole world be wrong on this issue? Some of us feel this way, but fighting a huge machine that is 100% backed up by all governments.

Just learn to live with it.
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