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Dont trust the dealership

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Just scheduled my first oil change . Asked if they had the dexos 2 oil. They assured me they did. So I hung up and called right back to the parts and was told they would have to order it. So I see a lot of wrong oil changes going on.
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just because Parts says it has to be ordered, does not mean the Service Department doesn't have it on hand. Parts will tell you if they have it on hand for the customer to buy, not if they have it on hand for Dealer use.
I actually called the dealer today to set up an oil change. I asked them if I could get synthetic instead of the AC Delco synthetic blend. I was told they have Mobil 1, and they have put it into two Cruze Diesels so far. Problem is that it isn't the correct oil. It needs to be Mobil 1 ESP for the low SAPs content. This is going to royally piss off people when the oil the dealer recommended clogs up their DPF. I'm going to purchase the oil myself and ensure the dealer puts it during the free maintenance. After that I will do it myself.
If you are going to buy the oil, why take it to the dealer for the change at all? Just for the free labor?
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Yes. If they're going to have it on the lift to rotate the tires and drain the fuel filter of water, might as well have them do it for free. Honestly, I'd rather not change it myself, but if I can't trust the dealer I will have to.
Yeah, that makes sense. Hopefully they won't give you crap about supplying the oil yourself.
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