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Dont trust the dealership

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Just scheduled my first oil change . Asked if they had the dexos 2 oil. They assured me they did. So I hung up and called right back to the parts and was told they would have to order it. So I see a lot of wrong oil changes going on.
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I see a lot of wrong oil changes happening as well.
THe problem here is that the vast majority of buyers of this vehicle won't be on this forum or even think twice about asking the dealer what oil to use.
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Here's my thing though, if we go to the dealer and the do the oil changes giving use service records and documentation stating they did the servicing... Wouldn't that then leave the liability on the dealership not us? If something were to go wrong due to the service or type of oil being used that would then be an issue tied back to them?
If the dealer does all the service in the specified intervals and the components fail, there should be no question as to warranty replacement for the 100K miles. It's probably going to be an expensive lesson years down the line when all the DPFs need to be replaced under warranty and the dealers eventuall realize "Oh, yeah, we should have been using this other oil".
I have found in my experience that businesses do take BBB complaints seriously
Stupid question of the day!!

For these poor folks that buy the CTD and are not members of CT that go into Walmart or Jiffy Lube and get the kid that is 16 years old in high school and is more concerned about texting his girl friend to change their oil.. What happens when they put the 5W-30 in that are for the gas motor.. I know I am setting myself up for the obvious replies of it will blow up and stupid **** like that.. But seriously how long will that diesel hold up with the wrong stuff in and what would be some of the consequences of this mistake??

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I am sure people have done this all the time with their TDIs. I tried to do some research to find some conclusive evidence but didn't really come up with anything useful. I believe the diesel oil is designed to cope with the soot and the higher compression.
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