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Dont trust the dealership

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Just scheduled my first oil change . Asked if they had the dexos 2 oil. They assured me they did. So I hung up and called right back to the parts and was told they would have to order it. So I see a lot of wrong oil changes going on.
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I actually called the dealer today to set up an oil change. I asked them if I could get synthetic instead of the AC Delco synthetic blend. I was told they have Mobil 1, and they have put it into two Cruze Diesels so far. Problem is that it isn't the correct oil. It needs to be Mobil 1 ESP for the low SAPs content. This is going to royally piss off people when the oil the dealer recommended clogs up their DPF. I'm going to purchase the oil myself and ensure the dealer puts it during the free maintenance. After that I will do it myself.
Yes. If they're going to have it on the lift to rotate the tires and drain the fuel filter of water, might as well have them do it for free. Honestly, I'd rather not change it myself, but if I can't trust the dealer I will have to.
Legally no one can force you to use the dealer to keep your warranty. If you document the oil purchased and that is Dexos2 or equivalent, meaning ACEA C3 compliant, and that you document you had it done at the specified interval by yourself or some other shop, your warranty should be intact.

Volkswagen is a different company, but when the Jetta I have was new, I did none of the services at the dealer. When something went wrong at 40,000 miles (at the time is was a 4 year/50,000 miles warranty) and the car was running rough, they asked to see maintenance records. I kept every receipt and showed it to them for oil changes every 5,000 miles using Castrol synthetic oil that met the VW oil specs and they accepted it. This included several oil changes that I did myself. I just kept the Autozone receipt for the oil and filter and took a picture of the dash showing the receipt and mileage.

Yes, I'm a bit particular about this stuff, but if you keep good records there shouldn't be an issue.
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The wrong oil won't do too much damage to the engine if it is the correct viscosity in the short term. You get into trouble with high SAPs oils in the new diesels because if there are high amounts of Sulfur, Ash or Phosphorus you risk damage to the emissions systems when some of the oil is inevitably burned off.

The risk due to composition of the oil as diesel pointed out comes in the form of the inability of non-diesel formulated oil to suspend unburned diesel fuel and ash in the crankcase. Volkswagen did studies to determine how much dilution occurs over 10,000 miles and determined with the correct oil 50% dilution is tolerable. With D2 you will get nowhere near 50%. With B5 you will get an average dilution of 45% over the course of 10,000 miles. With a 7,500 mile interval Chevy has specified things will be fine if people go by mileage and not by the oil life indicator.

So what is comes down to is the most likely long term issues will be clogged DPFs that stem from higher ash levels in the oil which will get caught in the DPF. Since only soot will burn off, the ash will remain eventually requiring the DPF to be cleaned or replaced. This will surely be out of the bumper to bumper warranty and may not even be covered under the power train warranty.
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