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Dorman seat heaters for sale!

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Saw on Amazon they have a sale on the Dorman 628-040 is on sale for $58.00 instead of $113 for the universal kit if anyone is interested. Sorry couldn't copy the link I was using the amazon app.
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dang i was excited until i saw it was only one seat.
iguess idk how much packages usually run
Normally 120ish a piece.
i put ones from korea on ebay in my jeeps 2yrs ago

easy easy

was $80 for two seats

same switch

these are only 1' x 1'.....get the ones that are larger
sorry duplication
No cheaper and better way to get electrically heated seats is to get them factory installed. With my son required to purchased a minivan due to baby car seat laws, we tried something totally brand new to get exactly what options he wanted that is working.

Called going to the top, surprised I never thought about this before. Ironically, his dealer couldn't do this, but he as a paying customer could. Maybe we should all start screaming.

Another issue we discussed was dealer installed options, already paid for what was installed then have to pay shop rates to have that removed, and retail prices on the parts. His vehicle like ours also required splash shields and wanted those factory installed. It took the upper management fours days to decide these issues, but the came back and said yes. With a much lower quoted price.

Gather these guys at the top don't like to lose a sale. Should be ready in 3-4 weeks, but if not like what he ordered, has the option to turn the deal down.

Why do we put up with this BS?
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