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ordered a doug thorley axle back exhaust last week for $242 shipped off ebay-

installation took me about an hour, i had a gum grafting surgery this morning and really should have waited to install it but just couldn't. installation was pretty self explanatory. cutting the stock muffler off was a bit difficult because the lack of room you have to work with. i ended up taking a sawzall and shortening the blade just enough to get the job done without poking into the heat shield. it will say to cut 4-1/2" off, disregard that and start with a lesser amount. i ended up holding up the new pipe to get an idea of where i needed to cut it and added an extra inch to be safe. even if i made two cuts, better than cutting too much off.

the stock exhaust slid right out of the hangers with little effort, the new pipe is a two piece- which honestly should only be one piece but i suppose they make it that way for shipping reasons. hardest part is lining up the pipes before putting it underneath the car, why they didn't take two pieces of tape with a line for alignment purposes i don't know. bolted everything down as tight as i could get the clamps, no wiggle- i might take it to a friend to weld two beads on as clamps tend to loosen up overtime (past experiences) the clamps are nice and have locknuts.

i LOVE the sound! started the car up without the muffler and let me tell you, its not loud like one might expect. if you wanna straight pipe it, go ahead. i think it sounds pretty great, but anyways. the sound with the new muffler is very comparable to my old 2009 civic si's stock exhaust. no drone, no rasp, sounds awesome inside and outside the cab. quiet when cruising and not too loud at WOT. just enough you can tell you have an aftermarket exhaust which is what i was looking for. fit and finish is great too and looks almost like a stock system but with a chrome tip.

heres some photos- i'll try to upload a sound clip later- my iPhone doesn't do it justice as its not nearly what it sounds like in person.

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