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Hello. I am new to Cruze ownership and have a question. It's a 2014 diesel with about 115,000 miles. Having issues with the DPF and the engine power is reduced. Dealer says they can't get a new DPF. What are my options?
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Welcome to CruzeTalk!
There are some options:
1. get another good DPF from car breakers;
2. clean yours if possible and worth it;
3. getting DPF off (but it's not quite legal, in Europe, I suppose in US too).
I always expected that these cars with low production run numbers would become orphaned at some point in the future. A DPF is an essentially part for a functioning emissions system and now the manufacturer has possibly left you high-and-dry with a car they can't provide parts for.

That's part of what makes me anxious about my 2018. The tuning and straightpipe to delete the DPF is expensive, but at some point it's possible the DPF could break down or malfunction to the point of needing replaced and a replacement might not be available. It puts you in a bind of deciding:
1. Do I tune my car now to delete the DPF and be secure that I won't have a problem in the future, or;
2. Do I wait until I have a problem and risk the chance that the tuning and straightpipe is not available at that point in the future?
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