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Driver side door open alert, false reading

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Hey guys need some help with my 2011 Cruze LT. I have searched this forum and found many with the same problem, but not many people are telling how the problem had been solved. Here is my problem, one month ago I changed the lock actuator on the driver side front door because it was failing. A couple of days ago I got an alert that the door was open, but the door was closed and the lock refused to go down while driving. The door will lock randomly while driving or sometimes it will stay on and chime intermittently. When I press the lock on the key fob the lock will go down and then immediately back up and not lock. Sometimes it works properly and sometimes it’s a matter of a few minutes before the anti theft alarm sounds. I thought maybe the new actuator was faulty, but I switched it with a brand new one and the problem is still there. I’m stumped and don’t know where to go from here. Any help is appreciated.
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Hello , Did you ever find a solution to Daughters JG 2010 Cruze has just started doing this . Which means she cant Lock it anytime , with Key or Fob as it will unlock about 10 seconds later . Any advise appreciated..
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