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Driving with No Shocks, I'm Shocked

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Thank god the Mouse Ears they use these days don't look like an old Flintstones Drive In Movie speaker. They actually looked like that until the 80s! The Mouse Ears are probably wireless, broadcast on the Radio? I'm not sure but I think my CRUZE has problems. Currently they are driving it with no rear shocks trying to find the pop they now hear from both corners. I was claiming all 4, its a start. Does any other CRUZE POP? I mean it is loud, nasty sounding, and sounds like a bad Shock. I haven't had Shock problems in 30 years so I forgot what it sounds like?
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I have had a minor popping sound in the rear of my car, even though my coilovers and suspension is looked over often, I thought there was something loose from day one. Never asked the dealer because I really don't have time for the dealer games. As of now, everything is tight, rods, spring, perches etc... it might be some metal to metal contact. I usually hear it only when my suspension is hard flexxxxxing, other then that feels solid.
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