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DRL/Fog Lights

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I am getting a set of HID headlights. I know I am going to lose my DRL's. So I want to either add DRL's or fog lights where the factory fog lights are supposed to go. I want to get a set where I can just plug them in and change the Factory head light switch with one that has the flog light switch built into it. I can get one from the junkyard. I just can't afford the factory kit right now and they don't really look all that good. I am going to assume the factory plugs are on the front of the car for the fog lights to be hooked up. So is their a set of aftermarket DRL or Fog lights that will just plug in so I don't have to run a bunch of wires everywhere?
Unless there is another way to hook a set up so they shut off automatically. I just don't want to forget to turn them off
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This subject has been talked about by a lot of members lately. I'll give you my 2 cents. For less than $80, you can have a like factory setup of fog lights that makes use of the oem switch that can be attained online on eBay or a junkyard. It will be plug and play. But you will have to verify wether your bcm will need programming to make use of the fog lights. This can be done one of two ways. You can go to the dealership to verify whether your bcm will need to be flashed, or you can do like I did and start scoping out an interior fog light switch online or at a junk yard, since this will be required anyway if you want a factory set up. Next, once you get your switch, remove the old one and put the new one in. It's plug and play. Power everything up and press the fog light button to turn on the switch. Next, pop the hood and open the fuse box. Locate fuse #48 (is a 12amp fuse) and grab and test light or any 12v type light (even a cheap LED light strip will do) connected one lead of the light to the fuse and the other to a body ground. If the light lights, no need for the dealership to program it, if not...get ready to cough up over $100 for programming alone. If you are lucky and don't need any programming, purchase one of the many fog light kits on Amazon or eBay. They are almost all are aftermarket kits manufactured by the same company, just resold online under different names (spider auto is one for example). Many members including myself have them and they work and fit just fine. I will say just for safety, buy a set of LED replacement fog bulbs, as some of the lens of aftermarket kits tend to melt from the heat of halogen bulbs. It's a hit or miss quality thing with that, put to prevent even having to deal with it, get LED bulbs for no more than $15 on eBay. Led has virtually no heat and won't melt your housing. So to sum it up. Oem switch from a junk yard or eBay, $49.99 aftermarket fog kit online, and led fog light bulbs. I guarantee you won't spend more that $80 to $100 compared to the 300 or more on factory fogs. For installation institutions, just follow the write ups on here. Also as a final note, if you want a 100 percent factory type install, you can also purchase a 18 to 20 gauge wire terminal. This will be placed on the wire that will go to fuse #48 that will power your fog light relay. This way you can install tha power wire directly into the back side of the fuse panel instead of using an add a fuse type set up. Good luck. If any questions, feel free to ask!
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