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DRL/Fog Lights

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I am getting a set of HID headlights. I know I am going to lose my DRL's. So I want to either add DRL's or fog lights where the factory fog lights are supposed to go. I want to get a set where I can just plug them in and change the Factory head light switch with one that has the flog light switch built into it. I can get one from the junkyard. I just can't afford the factory kit right now and they don't really look all that good. I am going to assume the factory plugs are on the front of the car for the fog lights to be hooked up. So is their a set of aftermarket DRL or Fog lights that will just plug in so I don't have to run a bunch of wires everywhere?
Unless there is another way to hook a set up so they shut off automatically. I just don't want to forget to turn them off
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