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Dual Exhaust - 2012 RS

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Flowmaster muffler with dual magnaflow oval tips. Just had to trim the bumper a little.
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How much did all of this cost? I'm looking into an exhaust system, but I don't want it to be overbearingly loud. Any suggestions?
You should order the tips online. They are about $35 a piece. The rest, if done at the right exhaust shop, with the muffler included should be less than $200. Overall I think I spent about $280.

Also the sound is far far from overbearingly loud. When I first got the exhaust done I could barely tell I changed anything. In the next week or two it did get a little louder as the muffler got broken in. The tune did enhance the sound of it.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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