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duel flowmaster todat

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Hey guys/girls I'm at the shop putting on duel flowmasters on the cruze!!! I'm putting picture and video tonight. I'm getting it custom made for $475.00
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It's a great deal and if in 2 weeks the sound isn't what u was hoping for I can get the pipes change for free and I'm getting a 2year warrant
Its a manual lol if not I would kill myself lol
Lol it does make it easier to pay the bill haha
Almost done just a little bit more to go!!!!!! Oo I'm not trying to get a rice burner noise, I'm going for a deep tone or as close as I can cause its a 4cl FYI
it sounds great in earphones not on a cell phone

I didn't know which one sounded better
im doing it now give me a half hour!!
yes when the guy cut the buttom bumper it was really easy and it took him about 2mins to cut.

the muffler is a flowmaster 80 series

There you good my friend in the cab!!!!!
I was also hoping for a little bit more noise too, I scared to take off the next part of the exhaust cause it may make it to load what should I do???
And I forgot to tell u guys/girls that I still need to get an intake what kind do u think would be good
Anyways..................... im going to the shop tomorrow and im going to ask if they can put the car on the lift and see what it sounds like with more of the exhaust off and ill have video and you guys can tell me what you think
thanks man and thanks everybody Im glad im able to do this for the cruzetalk and for all my internet friends!!!!!!!!!! ill be making videos and pictures on every mod so you guys can see my little project car come together!!
Thanks ecruz that does sound really good. I like that a lot
1 - 20 of 179 Posts
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