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duel flowmaster todat

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Hey guys/girls I'm at the shop putting on duel flowmasters on the cruze!!! I'm putting picture and video tonight. I'm getting it custom made for $475.00
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Dual exhaust on a 4 banger? Please tell me your cruze is a manual

what do you mean? why does that matter?
Auto's with an exhaust is rice pal! What else do those cars have in common kid? Besides dual's? Hmmmm think about it genius! Your comparing them to a cruze?
by chance you have a flyby video? Curious to hear it from the outside
Also, is there any droning inside when you are just cruising?
How about the droning?
whatever happened to the resonator deleted deal?
booo for teasing us :(
i guess im a knucklehead cause I just saw for the first time this was posted in the 1.8 section....

different animal than the turbo 1.4!
you better post video in exchange for hijacking the thread....
could be the camera but it sounds kinda loud inside and out? Any droning while just cruising?
why didnt you guys go with a 60 series muffler as opposed to the 80?
1 - 10 of 179 Posts
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