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duel flowmaster todat

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Hey guys/girls I'm at the shop putting on duel flowmasters on the cruze!!! I'm putting picture and video tonight. I'm getting it custom made for $475.00
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I'm going to be doing something similar- I switching out the factory bosal with a flowmaster 80 series and running a dual outlet.
let me know how it looking for the same thing!!
Mine will be exactly the same, but I will delete the resonator...
That is correct- it is a Flowmaster 80 series. If you search on google you can find many pictures of different configurations.
The flowmaster 80 series have been sounding better and better everyday.
I can't wait to do mine!
Same here man. Although i am thinking of getting rims first. I can't stand my hub caps.
I have the ECO wheels, but I'm gonna just stick to exhaust and small exterior mods for awhile. The 80 series is a GREAT piece!
80 series flow master dual exhaust with resonator delete on 2011 Cruze - YouTube

Heres the link :)

Heres an in car video as is sideways but really all you need is the sound
Not so sure of the tips, but that does it- I'm doing mine!
Hey, quick question, guys. The ZZP midpipe replaces the area where the resonator goes, right?
I just ordered this! :D

chevrolet Camaro / Firebird 2.5" Transverse cross flow Muffler 77583 | eBay

BTW, it was advertised as a Flowmaster 80 Series, but if you read the description, it says it's a 'name brand look-alike'. Wish I'd caught that earlier, but as long as I get the quality I'm looking for, I'm ok. If not, I'll send it back as soon as it gets here!
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I think we all have a varying opinion on what rice sounds like I suppose...

I have owned my share of 4 cylinder turbo's.... would never go without a resonator...

**** I am running one on my integra that I am targeting 600HP with...
Thing to remember here is that we don't have a honda motor. The valves in our 1.4 are heavier, the cam timing different- so many things to not compare our motor to a honda. Ours will sound more like a boxer engine than a honda block.

just sayin'. lol
Why not? That's one of the best ways to open up your exhaust! lol
I just asked Vince to cancel mine, lol.
My car popped two codes for it, but he fixed it when he checked out my datalogs.
About to get my 80 series installed tomorrow morning, hopefully all goes well! It should sound pretty good with no cats or resonator and the ZZP downpipe and midpipe!
Oh I'll have a video up for sound, hopefully it has a good mic, I just bought a Canon T3.
Turns out I have to wait for tomorrow, too many people getting work done to get mine finished before work...
When I install something, I try to do photos/video along the way, but since a shop is gonna do this for me, I might only be able to show the after effects. Hopefully they'll let me get up under the lift to take pics. I will be doing three different videos- Startup sound, fly by, and in cab. I will more than likely post it in a new thread, since this one was meant for Chef's 1.8 and I have a 1.4T. Thanks for the kind words, by the way!
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