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duel flowmaster todat

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Hey guys/girls I'm at the shop putting on duel flowmasters on the cruze!!! I'm putting picture and video tonight. I'm getting it custom made for $475.00
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Oh man i can't wait to hear it :D. I will now know if to whether get Duals or single. Let us know ASAP! ;)
Jesus people, why not take it up on a PM instead of wasting all these pages with useless ranting?

Anyways Chef, kick ass idea and it sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear it in person lol.
Well keep the updates coming bro...and good luck
Ditto that!

I myself have a lot of plans for the Cruze and dual exhaust is one of them. But i have been in conversative mode with money. I would like to pay off my car first. But thanks to you and everybody else lol its looking like a long shot with all the nice mods.
Well on the whole paying off the car idea, I got an awesome APR, so I am double paying where I can to hopefully have it paid off by the time I am out of the Navy.
This also sort of what i am doing, except some months i pay double, some i save :). Just to always have cash stowed away.
I can't wait to do mine!
Same here man. Although i am thinking of getting rims first. I can't stand my hub caps.
I'm actually wanting to do the same setup you have cant wait to do it!!. I just install my injen short ram two weeks ago and now with the flowmaster 80 series set up its going to sound very sexy lol.
^^^True story. I also do ;) lol
Those square tips don't convince me :\ lol, sound clips? ;)
Alight guys and girls I'm going today at 2:30 to get my resonator off for $100.00 bucks ill post video and sound clips tonight when I get home!
After driving on 1-95 this morning and driving around last night the sound really isn't that bad just I tad bit load but nothing like a Honda rice burner noise, more of a deeper sound but I would like to make it a little bit more quite maybe we will see
Can't wait to hear it in person this Saturday man!
It's been 2 days since I cut of the resonator and the sound to me is getting better or I'm getting used to it lol
Lol.. Your probably getting used to it.
Lol I'm going to get my oil changed on my car today just hit 14,000 miles and 3% tell oil change
Yep it's time lol. 3% Oil life? You really pushed it.
Chef, any noticable difference in speed? I know its slight but maybe you feel something?
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