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duel flowmaster todat

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Hey guys/girls I'm at the shop putting on duel flowmasters on the cruze!!! I'm putting picture and video tonight. I'm getting it custom made for $475.00
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Dual exhaust on a 4 banger? Please tell me your cruze is a manual
Lmfao now your ignorance is crystal clear. Evo x mr has a dsg trqnsmission. Automatic with paddle shifts dumb not comparing anything to a cruze. Im pointing out how wrong every statement of yours is.
Uh huh. I'm done with you
As far as intake I am planning K&N it seems a bit less involved but a nice piece none the less.
My girl and I just installed the injen on her car and it wasn't very involved at all. Did it all inside the fender well. Hardest and most time consuming part was getting all the clips out of the inner splash shield. Piece of cake besides that part. Sounds pretty sweet also
1 - 4 of 179 Posts
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