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Dumb question.....

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Almost every time I've washed my Cruze, I've been applying trim dressing to all the black plastics on the exterior. While I've been binge-watching detailing videos, I've noticed how some pro and enthusiasts would apply a dressing or some form of protection to the grille of a vehicle.

My dumb question is, is there anything I should be doing to protect the glossy black plastic on the grille of my Cruze, or should I leave it alone? I'm not sure if the glossy plastic would be suitable for any kind of dressing.

Thanks in advance.
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Dressings are meant for plastics and rubbers that are porous and can absorb the product. Usually they have rough texture or matte/flat/satin.

Any plastic that has a glossy finish is sometimes painted or molded that way (with a smooth finish). In that case, apply your favorite wax/sealant/coating.
Thanks for the advice!
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