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Durability of the 1.4 turbo engine

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I know this is highly speculative, but has anyone an opinion of how long a properly maintained 1.4 turbo engine will last? At 20,000 a year, 50% highway, will it go 200,000 without major repairs? Have we any data on this yet?

Will it for example be as tough as the old 3.8 litre GM engine?

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Daughter's '12 1.4 has 251000 on it now. We bought it last April with 236,000 after her Grand Prix got totaled in an accident (luckily that car saved her life!). The Cruze itself was in beautiful condition, drove down the road like a car with 1/4 the miles, and was surprisingly well maintained. We figured the previous owner had a very long freeway commute to rack up that many miles that fast.
We got it for a very good price. I had researched beforehand what a low-mileage drivetrain would cost, just in case, added that to the price of the car and it was still a good deal, so what the heck.
So far, its been a very good car with the typical 1.4 issues that are easy and inexpensive to repair. **** thing simply scoots down the road and shifts great.
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