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Durability of the 1.4 turbo engine

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I know this is highly speculative, but has anyone an opinion of how long a properly maintained 1.4 turbo engine will last? At 20,000 a year, 50% highway, will it go 200,000 without major repairs? Have we any data on this yet?

Will it for example be as tough as the old 3.8 litre GM engine?

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Even the turbo is fine at 250K with proper oils.
Ahh yeah mines a manual. Shifts pretty smooth at 250K but I get a grind here or there. Clutch can be somewhat temperamental at times but has excellent feel. Id imagine an automatic not shifting like brand new either @ the quarter million mile mark. But hey thats all they give ya'll now is automatics. So I guess u have to deal with however it shifts.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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